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I just received some caves last Wednesday from David, Holey Rock of Texas. I noticed my male fanning in one of the caves the next day. I just looked tonight and I have fry. I will move Dad, fry and cave to a seperate tank tomorrow.

Thanks for the caves David!!!!!! My plecos sure like them.

Hopefully I get some longfins from this spawn. Their mother was a longfin and dad was a shortfin.


Thanks — Mark  (8-12-2010)


Hi Dave,

Thank you for the rocks.  I appreciate the extra care you took in picking out these rocks and they really have exceeded my expectations.



Rock (2/23/2011)

Proud to be Located in Houston / D.C.paypal verifiedTank Picture(11 lbs to 25 lbs)(26lbs and up)

I ordered a piece of rock from you a little while ago and it has been
marvelous for my cichlid tank. The PH is perfect and it provides great hiding for the smaller fish.


Thanks for the help!

Kathy  (10/28/2014)

Thanks David for the effort on getting me my holey rock, I appreciate your honesty with the shipping and returning my money back on the difference. The rocks are better then I expected and I can tell you do take the care to please the customer and to have the best product available.  Thanks and look forward to buying more rock from you in the future.

Ryan  (7/15/08)


Just a quick note to let you know everything arrived just fine.

Thanks for going the extra mile.

Cliff   (10/11/08)


Thanks again for the rock.

We have had lots of great comments on how the tank looks.

Gala    (2/15/09)


You need to do business with this guy he is very honest and knowledgeable about Cichlids and Texas holey rock and Sand. He has the best quality Holey Rock with prices that are unbeatable. I highly recommend him to any one interested in aquarium supplies and fish. If there is a problem with anything he goes above and beyond for the full satisfaction of the customer..

Thanks B.L.  (2/14/2009)

I have shopped many ways for many years and haven't been as impressed as I
have just been by my order from your website.  I cannot believe you have
received my order and shipped it the same day.  I look forward to adding
them to my cichlid tank.  I have searched so many websites and found them to
be so very expensive, but when I cam across your site I had to do a double
take at your prices.

Thank you so very much and I'm sure I will be more than happy with the


After Receiving the Rocks

Hello David,

I finally took some pictures of the 3 holey rock's you sent.  I couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out in my 55 gallon cichlid tank.  It truly brightens up the entire tank display.  I couldn't choose which one to send, so I'll let you choose.  The one with the fish is a little out of focus I had to take them from farther back, so I used the zoom.  The rocks also keep my PH at the higher level the cichlids like, so I don't have to add any additional chemicals to the tank which is another reason I purchased them.  I am so glad I found your website.

Diane of Roanoke, Virginia  (7/3/2009)

Loved the caves! Well, the Pleco's loved them!!!!!!!