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Size = 2” x 1.25” x 6” (L x H x D)


Designed for your Bristlenose Plecos


These caves provide an ideal place for your plecos to breed.  The caves are designed to be the perfect size allowing the male to trap the female and protect the young. The triangle shape of the cave allows of easy trapping of the females as the males fins can wedge into the corners of the caves. They are constructed out of slate providing a dark place which pleco’s prefer.  The ruff surfaces allows for proper adhesion of the eggs to the cave walls.  These caves are designed with an upward slope helping to prevent early departure of the eggs from the cave and proving a hiding place for young fry under the cave.

1 Pleco cave
Price = $7 eachPlease note price does not include shipping.Medium RocksGrande RocksPleco CavesFish 4 SaleSmall Rocks(10 lbs or less)Style # 3
Proud to be Located in Houston / D.C.paypal verifiedTank Picture(11 lbs to 25 lbs)(26lbs and up)5 Pleco cave
Price = $30 each